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About SCAN of Northern Virginia

All proceeds from RUN! GEEK! RUN! will go directly to support SCAN of Northern Virginia.

SCAN of Northern Virginia was founded in 1988 and is headquartered in the City of Alexandria. SCAN serves the residents of Alexandria City, Arlington County, Falls Church, Fairfax, Loudoun County, and Greater Prince William County.

SCAN’s work spans primary, secondary, and tertiary child abuse prevention efforts, creating an ethos of protection and prevention across Northern Virginia.

Primary abuse prevention is directed at the general population to prevent child abuse before it occurs.

  • One of the largest barriers facing child abuse prevention is the community’s apprehension in speaking about it candidly. Community norms dictate it is unacceptable to perpetuate abuse, and equally unacceptable to speak openly after it occurs. With a lack of discussion comes a lack of action, and SCAN seeks to change this status quo. SCAN works to engage, empower, and educate residents of Northern Virginia about the scope, prevalence, and impact of child abuse and how all of us can keep children safe.

Secondary abuse prevention is directed at populations that have more risk factors associated with child abuse, such as poverty, substance abuse, young caregiver age, mental health issues, and child disability.

  • SCAN works with youth-serving organizations, such as schools, who serve at-risk children and families, to ensure the physical spaces, policies, procedures, and beliefs are all centered around child protection and safety. This ensures that youth-serving organizations are centered on the child, not the reputation of the organization or those in power, in the event of misconduct. The days of institutions enabling abuse, protecting offenders, and silencing victims must end. All organizations that serve children must be safe spaces.
  • SCAN also engages at-risk families and caregivers in comprehensive educational classes and coaching to strengthen the family unit and prevent incidences of child abuse.

Tertiary abuse prevention is directed at populations where abuse has occurred and seeks to mitigate the negative effects and prevent a recurrence.

  • SCAN serves the Arlington and Alexandria Juvenile Domestic Courts by recruiting, training, and supervising Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) volunteers who advocate for the best interests of abused and neglected foster children in court. CASAs are critical to child victims receiving needed supports and therapies and in securing permanent, safe, and loving homes.
  • SCAN works with youth-serving professionals to educate professionals in trauma-informed approaches for interactions with child victims of abuse. This includes recognizing the effects of sustained abuse, such as dysregulated behavior, unhealthy attachments, and the inability to focus and excel. When youth-serving professionals understand how to react, respond, care for, and support child victims of abuse, victims can receive the supports they need to heal and thrive.

Visit scanva.org and follow SCAN on social media to learn more!

Contact Information

SCAN of Northern Virginia
205 S. Whiting St.
Suite 205
Alexandria, VA 22304