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2021 Activities

As you know, this year’s race will benefit The Child & Family Network Centers (CFNC), a charity dedicated to delivering quality education to Alexandria’s at-risk kids. As a family-centered organization like RUN! GEEK! RUN!, this particular cause inspired us to get our children involved in the fun, too.

Feel free to download the following activity sheets to share with your kids of all ages and encourage them to be creative! They’ll have the chance to color our official RUN! GEEK! RUN! mascot, discover a few health and fitness-themed buzzwords in our RUN! GEEK! RUN! word search, and more. It’s the perfect opportunity to get pumped for the race as a family!

Use the hashtag #SheetsandGeeks to show off your kids’ final masterpieces on social media, too. Don’t forget to tag us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!